Atmalogy, as a system of knowledge, is the intellectual property of its author and compiler, Ishchenko Irina Viktorovna.
All techniques and tools, as well as the term “deconstruction of the Matrix of Destiny” itself, are trademarks.


I am the director and leading specialist of the Higher School of Psychology and the Mir-Ra Human Development Center. He is the author of the “Deconstruction of the Matrix of Fate” method and the founder of Atmalogy, an applied field of knowledge about the structure of man.

My choice of profession was determined by circumstances. I never dreamed of becoming a psychologist, rather, I was more attracted to the areas of management, journalism, work in large organizations. However, life was such that at 28 I was in the capital, a new city for myself, with two young children, married for the third time. And at that moment I realized that the scenery in my life is changing, but the scenario remains the same. And I decided: with this you need to do something! Then I met with systemic arrangements, and my life was divided into “before” and “after”. Arrangements have become the tool with which I answered all the questions that concern me. Now I am an absolutely happy person — I have a friendly family, two children, excellent relations with my parents, husband and his family. I do what I love.


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