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According to Taoist philosophy, our world is based on the mutual generation and interaction of five elements, five primary elements: Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Earth.

All life has the properties of these primary elements.

Knowing the elements to which we belong, knowing the dominant primary element in the system of our relatives and friends, we can harmonize our life and our relationships, our space at home and all those areas of life that we believe need correction.

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Вебинар 1/3 Формула успешной жизни
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Вебинар 1/3 Формула успешной жизни
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Elena Prozac
12 марта 2019

I did the work on my homing program. I have long wanted, but did not dare. A little time passed, but clearly there was a feeling that more space in my life appeared for a new experience, new ways of responding to previously traumatic situations. Thank you, Irina Ischenko, for sharing with us your knowledge, such effective and fast techniques! Every time I use them or just remember something that I learned from you, I feel a lot of warmth and say THANKS to you and the Universe for such a gift!

Tatiana Zagniy
12 марта 2019

After the end of the previous training, I had the feeling that I was plowed or on me. But yesterday, after meditation, I felt great. Lightness in the body, clarity in the head. Paints are brighter, sounds are louder, smells are sharper. I still observe this condition today. I liked the work very much: there were not so many tears as it happens on the mysteries, everything went so naturally, easily, naturally.

I thank Irina Ischenko and the whole team for the opportunity to go to the real one, for the experienced experience, emotions!

Svetlana Palista
12 марта 2019

The training is very useful and intense. I liked the following combination: exercises, elements of mystery, arrangement, and meditation. It came out with a feeling of great peace and quiet. And she also carried in herself and on herself the memories of the hugs and wishes of other participants and my wishes to them: “love”, “love”, “love”!

I am grateful to Irina for the sensitivity and attention, for the simplicity in bringing the delicate topics, and I sincerely thank the whole team for the wonderful organization and attention!

Feedback from participants of the intensive woman of the 21st century
12 марта 2019