The staff of our Center welcomes you to our site!

Every day we come to work to organize the services of our center in the best possible way.
Our team is not just a team of talented and professional specialists, first of all we are like-minded people united by common goals and values. Through the techniques and tools of our center, everyone continuously improves their knowledge not only through self-knowledge but also through self-education.

Our task is to provide you with a comfortable and fast way of communication and to do everything possible from us so that your task will be solved.
The Center ISHCHENKO.PRO provides its services in different countries and cities around the world. We are open to cooperation and partnership for those who develop not only themselves, but also contribute to the development of others.

Each employee is an important link in the overall activity of the company, each makes its own contribution to its development and success. Years of experience allows us a flexible and individual approach to each client in order to select and organize for him the appropriate service. We try to save your time and money as much as possible, and we guarantee that with our team of professional managers you will resolve all issues in a very short period of time.

Our team |

Our team

Irina Ishchenko

Founder, head of Centre, Etnolog

Igor Ishchenko

Director, karakorecho

Olesya Kozhevnykova

Организатор проектов в Лондоне

Ekaterina Perk

projects in Geneva

Inessa Nikonovich

The organizer of the projects in Minsk, the Center of “Lifetime”

Elena Milkevich

Projects in Saint-Petersburg, Center ”Rasstanovka.todаy”

Irina Frat

Projects in Chisinau


Организатор проектов в Нур-Султан (Казахстан)

Alex Goroshko

Organizer shamanic retreats in Brazil