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I am ЭVА (Irina Ishchenko)

I am ЭVA (Irina Ishchenko), Ph.D., founder of the applied field of knowledge about the structure of a man “Atmalogy” and author of the “Deconstruction of the Matrix of Destiny” method.

I am ready to share with you my more than 15 years of experience and assist in solving the problem of your Soul for this incarnation!

My activity is aimed at a deep transformation of the personality structure, and improving the quality of your life.

Iam the director and leading specialist of the Higher School of Psychology and the Mir-Ra Human Development Center. He is the author of the “Deconstruction of the Matrix of Fate” method and the founder of Atmalogy, an applied field of knowledge about the structure of man.

My choice of profession was determined by circumstances. I never dreamed of becoming a psychologist, rather, I was more attracted to the areas of management, journalism, work in large organizations. However, life was such that at 28 I was in the capital, a new city for myself, with two young children, married for the third time.

And at that moment I realized that the scenery in my life is changing, but the scenario remains the same. And I decided: with this you need to do something! Then I met with systemic arrangements, and my life was divided into “before” and “after”. Arrangements have become the tool with which I answered all the questions that concern me. Now I am an absolutely happy person – I have a friendly family, two children, excellent relations with my parents, husband and his family. I do what I love.

This is not just a profession – it is my way of life, a part of my worldview and worldview, because the arrangement is a tool that helps to understand how the world works. In my arsenal there are over 12,000 arrangements and more than ten techniques and tools of modern integrative therapy and ancient oriental knowledge. I am a certified specialist in the field of positive psychotherapy, sexology, hypnotherapy Milton Erickson, DPDG, RPT. I have integrated all my tools into the author’s methodology “Deconstruction of the Matrix of Destiny”, “Kaiten – a course of self-help” and “Atmalogy” – an applied area of ​​knowledge about the structure of a person. When I felt ready to integrate my professional knowledge and spiritual experience, I had a need to share it with people. So my first author’s trainings appeared:




"Labyrinths of success"

“The art of being together”

Kaiten sessions

"The wrong side of sexuality",

"The secret of my name"


More than 20 years ago, I became acquainted with Taoist philosophy and since then I have been practicing Feng Shui to harmonize the flow of Qi in a person’s life and in his physical space.

My experience of harmonious interaction with the elements and the search for answers to the questions I continued to ask led me to make off-site author programs. Since then, I and my like-minded people have become frequent guests of the sacred places of India and France.

I am grateful to all my teachers, whose names are forever in my heart. This is Professor MV Voronov, Professor V.A. Domoratsky, Professor N.S. Korolchuk, candidate of psychological sciences MG Burnyashev, Professor LA Popova, Bert Hellinger, Dr. Gunthard Weber, Diana Drexler, Marianna Franke-Griksch, Christina Essen, Ursula Franke, Thomas Bryson, Albrecht Mar, Michael Blumenstein, Jan-Jacob Stam, Stefan Houzner, Constance Pochka-Lang, Rolling Schilling, Shilling – Mattmann, Gunhild Leila Bucks, Hunter Beaumont, Rica Rechberg, Franz Ruppert, Frank Gallenmüller, Josef Rabenbauer, Nossrat Pezeshkian, Simon Rose, Stanislav Grof.

My personal meetings with Sri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, Sri Mata Amritandandamaya Devi (Amma) and Swami Vishvananda turned my mind and as a result I received initiations into the ancient Sufi system Naqshbandiya, Reiki, Atma Kriya Yoga, karmic correction (University School). Now I am actively getting acquainted with shamanic practitioners and at the moment there have been more than thirty ceremonies by the shamans of Peru and Brazil.

ЭVA (Irina Ishchenko) | Education



  • Secondary medical (paramedic – obstetrician).
    Higher pedagogical. (Kirovograd State Pedagogical University named after Vladimir Vinnichenko).
    Higher psychological (master) (Kiev International University KiMU).
  • System phenomenological approach and family constellations (Moscow Institute of Consulting and System Solutions)
    Organizational arrangements (Wislich Institute of Consulting and System Solutions. Germany, GS Kostyuk State Institute of Psychology)
    Structural arrangements (Moscow Institute of Counseling and System Solutions and Higher School of Psychology (Kiev))
    New Placements (Hellinger Sienzia)
    “Matryoshka constellations” – the author’s method of Ricky Rechberg (Institute of practical psychology Sadalmelik);
  • Positive psychology and psychotherapy. Transcultural family therapy and psychosomatic medicine. (Interregional Academy of Personnel Management. Kharkov Institute) 230 hours.
    Thematic improvement. Psychotherapy (Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Ukrainian Military Medical Academy) 156 hours.
    Erickson therapy and clinical hypnosis (Belarusian State University. Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences) 162 hours.
    Course on Sexology (Belarusian State University. Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences) 60 hours.
    Training course on DPDG (Belarusian State University. Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences).
    System consulting (Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine. Central Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education) 192 hours.
    Master course for coaches and supervisors. Systematic phenomenological approach and family constellations (Moscow Institute of Consulting and System Solutions) 390 hours
    Training programs and camps by Bert Hellinger (Moscow, Pichl Austria, Kiev, Kazan, Mexico City).
    Training program on RPT from Simon Rose (Kiev).


ЭVA (Irina Ishchenko) | Certificates and diplomas

Certificates and diplomas

ЭVA (Irina Ishchenko) | Video


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