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I am Igor Ischenko, Ph.D., founder of the applied field of knowledge about the structure of man “Atmalogy” and author of the “Deconstruction of the Matrix of Destiny” method

Ischenko Igor

My activity is aimed at a deep transformation of the personality structure, and improving the quality of your life.

Iwas born in the family of an athlete and my life path, almost to fifty years was associated with sports. There I achieved everything that this type of activity implies. Repeatedly, I was recognized as the best in the country, I created my all-Ukrainian school, I worked for a European organization.

However, I increasingly asked myself the question: “Who am I and why?”. Once, when I was driving a car, and my passenger was Bert Hellinger and we spoke with him about my activities in sports, he said a phrase that changed my life. He said: “Igor, you serve the game, beautiful, but the game, but you need to serve the people.”

And now I have a new life. I work with my beloved wife, I manage my time myself, travel, develop, learn different experiences and serve people!

Ищенко Игорь

Igor Ischenko | Education



  • Higher pedagogical, psychological education;
  • Training system layouts: “The Vislokh Institute for System Solutions. Germany ”,“ Institute of consulting and system solutions. Moscow”;
  • School of Bioenergy Information Technologies Binata (Kiev Institute of Traditional Medicine);
  • Master of the 5th step of karmic correction “Universe”;
  • Work with Amazonian medicine: rap, sanang, mopach. Dedication from the Huni Kuin Indians

Igor Ischenko | Certificates and diplomas

Certificates and diplomas

Irina Ischenko | Video


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